Apple Iphone 8gb (US version using in UK)

I am thinking of buying a 8gb Iphone for approx £350 off ebay but it is the US versions and says it is unlocked for all sims (wanting to use in UK).
Could anyone please give me any reasons why this is a good deal what i am doing or why people would advise me to wait until the UK release.

Many Thanks


You can't get to the SIM so forget swapping the SIM.

Buy the ipod touch...

its the same as the iPhone minus the Phone..

you can keep your normal phone then..

my advice is just dont...... be patient and wait for it to come out in the uk theres no point risking all that money.

When is it supposed to be released in the uk, and what service provider is it going to use?

i think it will work. i was reading an article about 2wks ago and they were locked to cingular i think and some 19yr old managed to unlock it and said it will now work anywhere but 1 fynction wouldnt work cant rememmber what it was though. best going to an iphone forum and asking

There are several software only sim unlock solutions for the iphone appearing now but personally I would wait till the UK/EU versions come out as they're strongly rumoured to have 3G.


Being a techie, im always reading about the latest tech buzz and here's a couple of storys that are relevant to this topic:

This is the latest 3G rumour for the UK/EU iPhone:


And here's the latest news about unlocking the iPhone:


A million and one reasons why it is a bad idea. Not least buying a phone for £350 off ebay from the US is naturally a bad idea in the first place. Future firmware updates may well end up bricking phones which have been unlocked against there warranty. There will be zero warranty. The phone is designed to use a EDGE based network, which is used only by orange and t-mobile in parts of the UK (most UK networks are using 3G networks in preference to edge).

When a european version of the iPhone is released it will likely use a 3G comms network and will also likely have substantially different contract terms to the American release (UK customers are less likely to accept being tied to a 24 month contract and also are unlikely to be prepared to pay so much up front for a phone as we are far more used to heavily subsidised phones). All this taken into consideration, your much better off either waiting for the UK release or getting an iPod Touch and a regular phone (which will have longer battery life and be more reliable).

just out of interest why are phones in usa not subsidised as much?
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