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Found 30th Aug 2009
Hi, just wanted to know if anyone had got a discount when upgrading to a newer model of the iPhone? Majority of the time, when your contract is due for upgrade you ring and threaten to cancel the contract. They want you to stay so they offer you good deals.

What I wanted to know is, has anyone got a good deal on an iPhone or is it set price only?
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Forgot to mention, I am currently getting a £15 discount on my line rental direct with o2. My upgrade is due in Oct. Normally get a good deal but was interested in the iPhone 3GS after playing arounf with it (Apps).
o2 will never give you a reduced priced upgraded on any iPhone. Mainly because there is no competitor for the iPhone.
not at the moment anyway.

You'll have to pay what everyone else does (bar us who use open codes) but you cant use open codes anymore either.

So you'll either pay £35 or £45+ for whatever you want.
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