Found 20th May 2006
Anyone know where I can get the cheapest 30gb Apple ipod from? Just seen the Link 15% offer, but now expired (£161).

Many thanks



This one would work out at £204.70 inc del and using a discount code for £7 off: (pixuk060505)

Apple iPod @

That's the cheapest I can see after a quick search... there may be cheaper out there...

Didn't Amazon have the black 30GB video at £189?

Edit: Seems it's gone up a few pounds to £195.…-21

Good spot admin.

But NPA, if you're in no hurry, if you wait a while you might see a better offer.

£189.99 at The Link is still the cheapest. They had a 10% off code last month, so guesses are that The Link might have another code in a few weeks.

I think it was a 15% from TheLink ducky That was very nice across the board at TheLink

They've got another one on now for £20 off spend of £300.

Ray... during April they had 10% off and at the beginning of May they had 15% off, and that's just ended recently so the chances are there will be another of those codes in the future.

I bought one (cost me £170 from the Link with the 10% off) and I am utterly AMAZED at the quality of video on the player. Well worth it in my opinion.

Original Poster

Thanks for the responses so far - please keep 'em comin'!

Did the ipod come with a dock? What else came with it? (cable to TV etc?)

Thanks again. Much appreciated

They were £174.99 at the link using "thelink15" code from main page , they were available earlier but have just sold out again.


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Well, very impressive delivery from the link - arrived safe & sound £171. Luvvly jubbly!!

i bought mine from sellers with good fweedback on ebay. some absolute steals top be had.much cheaper than the shops but theres always that 'worry' about buying from ebay
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