Apple iPod 60gb or 80gb?

Found 26th Sep 2006
Anyone found any of these for a decent price?

My 4th Geb 40gb iPod just died and I'm in need of a replacement.

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Hi Dan

Ebuyer are doing the white 60Gb video iPod, including delivery for £229.98 and you also get 1.5% quidco on this, taking it down to £226.53. Here's the link:


Woolworths are doing the 80Gb black one for £259 (and I believe you can reserve it to pick it up). You can use a 10% off voucher found on this site, plus quidco give you 5% back, so you'll have a net saving of 15%, which brings it down to £220.

So looks like Woolworths is the place to go!



Scratch the store pickup, it looks like you'll have to pay for delivery after further investigation. Also, it looks like it's a 2-5day delivery, so it'll essentially be coming straight from Apple.

Also, ordering from Woolies will probably mean that you can't get it engraved, if that rocks your boat.

Thanks for the Woolworths mention Tom, thats the sort of price they are going for on a certain auction site as well so I'd much rather pick one up from a known retailer instead.

If anyone knows of any other good deals though?
I've just bought one of the refurb ones from the Apple store. It was £175 for the 60Gb Video, and £129 for the 30Gb. As far as I can see, the only difference between the refurb and the new ones is that they don't come in the ipod box.

Delivery is free, but supply is limited so you need to check the Apple store regularly.

HTH, Steve
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