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Found 31st Dec 2008
Just picked up my tusty 4th gen video ipod but just noticed it has two large scratches in it. Its not on the outside but more likely to the the inside. I'm thinking of replacing the screen so i can get some good money back from it when i sell it on.

Any ideas where i should begin to look?


You could try here:


or here:


or alternatively buy a faulty one on eBay, although even faulty iPods hold their value!

Be aware that taking an iPod apart isn't particularly easy - I recently took my friends iPod Photo apart as the hard disk was knackered, and ended up scratching/digging the outside of the case just trying to get it apart. It looked a mess, and wasn't worth the hassle so we decided to sell it on ebay for spares and got £30 for it

Just leave it, put a cover on it now and save the hassle, getting into them is a chore and will end up with you damaging it more or breaking it..
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