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Hello everyone!!!

Can anyone help me please, I am thinking about buying an Apple IPod. I am not sure whether to get the IPod Shuffle or a mini ipod, What does everyong think?

Many Thanks

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Depends how skint you are really I'd say right now the best value is to get the 4GB version from John Lewis at £115. It's the last generation model so the battery life isn't quite as good as the newest generation but other than that it's pretty much the same.

Link to details on £115 iPod

The iPod shuffle 1GB best deal is at HMV with £20 off at £82 or the £512 for only £62.09. That's only a quarter of the size as the £115 mini and you don't have the LCD display that comes on the mini. But of course you get the super small size with the shuffle and it acts as a USB2 flash drive (the iPod mini works as a drive to but you need to carry the cable).

iPod shuffle details link

So it really depends what you want. On pure storage value etc. I'd say go for the mini at John Lewis if it isn't sold out again.
Actually if you're online soon get the iPod mini 4GB at Boots for only £99.99. No contest at that point for best value Check the thread in the hot deals forum for detaiils.
Welcome to HUKD tedtigra + thanks for the post

Hope the offers Paul's highlighted are of interest to you + I agree with him about those offers, the Boots one has to be the best I reckon.
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