Apple iPod Touch

Hello All,

Has anyone got the Apple iPod Touch 8GB OR 16GB Models?

Whats your thoughts on it?
Is it big?
Can anyone please take a picture of it or two compared to something else e.g ipod Nano 2gen or maybe a mobile?


I know the screen is like scratch proof, does that shiny back get scratched easily?

Thanks All,

(Please no fan boy comments)


Aesthetics, ease of use, size considerations etc. are all very personal things, what one man loves another will hate. You could just go into a shop like John Lewis, an Apple store, Currys Digital etc. etc. and look at/have a play with one yourself :thumbsup:. As for potential issues with it a quick Google search should throw up anything you need to know.

Try and get yourself to an apple shop, ie like the one in Birmingham Bullring. I checked out the ipod touch there and they had it hooked up to the wireless so I checked out the safari browser (easy to use.. typing was a little tricky but needs getting used to). A few albums of music and photos were also already on the ipod.
Saw someone playing with it Currys and it was the default one so not as much to play with!
I'm still weighing up the odds of getting the classic or the touch... touch was so much nicer, but way pricey!
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