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Managed to spill the tiniest bit of tea on my Apple keyboard on Tuesday night, was hoping it would be ok once dry but 4 of the keys still won't work.

I just want a basic wired keyboard, cheapest I can find is £29 at Apple, same one was £18 a few months ago, anyone find anything cheaper, Amazon Marketplace is similar price too once you add postage.


Which KB is it ?

Stuff get spilled on ours (Apple Pro KB) all the time and ours can be stripped down easily to clean, done it several times over the years and no problems once put back together.

I was lucky enough to find an Apple wireless KB in Toys R Us the other day for £24.00 (reduced from £39.00, had no price on it and it needed scanning) not sure but you might try your local one if you have one near (as they are official stockists of Apple HW).

We have also used a Belkin on one of the other Macs and worked fine but you may want to stick with original equipment.

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I have already stripped the keys off and cleaned it all out but no joy, the one I have is like this but in white...


Unfortunately we don't have a nearby Toys R US, closest is Bristol about 35 miles away.

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Thanks for the link, looks a bit tricky though!

Anyone find one under £29 delivered?

have you tred macwarehouse ?

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Thanks for the link, looks a bit tricky though!

Will probably take no less than a few minutes though, and if you're just going to throw the keyboard away...

Worth a try I think.

It looks more complicated than it is, takes about an hour if you take your time and the KB feels a lot better for it.

Also try the Apple site, you can get the new slim (wired) KB for £29.00 (P&P £4.45 excl VAT) or try an Apple store if there's one near you, it says it's for Tiger (10.4) only but does work on Panther (10.3) with the loss of the volume keys.

Or try:



don't know postage charges as it calculates on the weight etc.... on checkout but they have stores as well.

The have them listed here for £19.00 inc VAT but you have to phone for stock availability>


or try here:

£19.00 inc VAT


Play.com have the new keyboards for Apple (the latest one) for £27.99... it was priced at £23 a couple of days ago

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Thanks guys, shame I missed out on the Play.com one.

According to Mac Warehouse this non Apple one is still Mac Compatible...


Might give that a go, I am borrowing a works one at the moment.
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