Apple laptop macbook pro/Motu Fire mk2

Hey guys,
I am looking for a used apple laptop, in excellent condition. If you've got a new one at a great price i am interested too.
Also interested in Motu fire wire mk2 sound card
I am looking for something with the specs below but if you have something else let me know.

Apple macbook pro, 15 or 17 inches, Intel duo Core, min 100 hdd, Superdrive, min 2Ghzs



That will be a bit slow wont it, wold 2ghz be quicker :P

As Apple has just refreshed the current macbook pros you may find a new one of the old range for a good price.

Original Poster

Yep, that was an error 2ghz it is.

Original Poster

That may be true, they might not fall into my budget.

got a mac book pro for sale 2.33 2GB ram 120hdd 15.4" 256MB nivida its in good condition £950
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