Found 18th Aug 2006
Any out there for spending £1000 plus?


There's quidco for that...

The only code I am aware of is the 23 pounds off 235 spend

[SIZE=2]Not sure if the][COLOR=blue] £27 off code[/COLOR]works... Aren't there higher discounts if you are a student or a teacher?[/SIZE]

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...but I'm neither

I'll look into Quidco - good call!

The best combo I can think of at the moment:

1) Shop at the general education store (see…on). You'll get about 8% off your purchase on all macs

2) Use quidco (works with general education store), to get another 3% back.

3) Education is having a promo at the moment.. buy a mac, and get up to 100 off an ipod. So you can get the Nano 2GB for 18 quid. Sell on eBay or to your mates if you don't want it... will get you at least another 80 quid off the price of the mac.

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What do I need to use the education site (do I have to prove I'm a student - though I'm not)?

You need an NUS card I think to buy online from the education store (at home).

However, if you can get online at a place of education, or know someone who can, the rate of discount is even higher and you don't need any proof that you're a student (as the apple site can detect you are connecting through a university network) :thumbsup:

or you can use a proxy provided by a university and order from home

Let me clarify the messy education situation:

1) There are 2 stores: normal education and higher education
2) Normal Ed store has no upfront checks. Anyone can buy from it. But they might come calling later to check
3) Higher Ed store can only be accessed from a university network connection. This is the only check they do. So if you have access to a computer in a university or a proxy server, bingo. Likewise, you can get someone at a university to buy for you, and get it shipped under YOUR name and to YOUR address. Apple has no problems with university students buying for friends and family.
4) If you don't have access to a uni network connection, you can order by phone: 0800 912 0207. However, they most likely will ask for proof of student status. You probably will have to fax in a copy of your student ID or letter from the uni.

Normal Ed discount: ~8% for ipods and macs
Higher Ed discount: ~8% for ipods, and 15-20% for macs, plus free 3 year warranty.

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Wow, thanks for that guys! My bro-in-law is a professor at UEA, so I'm sorted for a BIG discount! Cheers!

Yup the HE discount is the one to go for plus it comes with the 3 year warranty upgrade which is worth a lot! By the way I was cheeky enough to phone up and try to get a code for the HE store also but was kindly reminded that this was already a deeply discounted price
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