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Hi guys - I'm looking for the cheapest way to buy a Mac Mini... I know there are some options available, i.e. Education store, Higher Education store, Quidco (or other cashback sites), or discount codes.

How much discount does the Education and HE stores offer (I know the HE store offers more + 3 years warranty, so I'm thinking it's probably best buying through someone in uni )?

Is it possible to use a cashback site (i.e. Quidco @ 3%) along with the HE store or Education store?

There is currently a £23 off £235 spend discount code - can this be used along with the HE/Education stores? Are there any others floating around?

What's the cheapest method to buy from Apple? :thumbsup:


We might be able to help. We have the following Mac Mini



* Fast G4 processor
* Dedicated graphics processor
* DVI connector, VGA adaptor
* Slot-loading optical drive
* Spacious hard drive
* Built-in Ethernet
* Built-in modem, Airport and Bluetooth vary by configuration
* Expansion via USB and FireWire
* iLife '05, Mac OS X, games

New and boxed.

Let me know if you require anymore information. :thumbsup:

I've been looking for one also, the Bigpockets one is just way too old a spec unfortunatly, 2 year old 'new' and does not have the intel chipset (no running windows if u wanted) and does not have built in wi-fi and compared to the latest is pretty slow, shame it's a tempting price but not for me.

The cheapest place on the web at the moment is via John Lewis but they only get a small amount in stock at a time of the 1.83ghz core 2 duo combo version, if u time it right (usually 10am most days) they get a few in stock but by the time I get there they are out of stock again, anyway it works out at £369 after using the £30 off code...keep trying! They also do the 2.0ghz superdrive version for £469 with the same code, that's in stock and the cheapest I've seen it - there's a seller in eBay who has stock of this one and put's one up every day or so at a buy it now for £450+£15 postage, so cheaper still! - beware some crook I noticed on there the other day though, every night he had 3 up for sale but only accepted bank transfers!!! needless to say his feedback had a blitz of negatives last time I looked, he never sent em out, just a con man.

Other than those next cheapest seems to be MacWharehouse but they are out of stock of the cheaper one.

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Ah thanks, I'd much rather buy from Apple to be honest. I'm after a 2GHz w/ 2GB RAM (Intel Core 2 Duo) and Leopard.

I'll pay the price, but I obviously want to get it as cheap as possible!

I recently got my Mac Mini from Apple Store using the £23 voucher + you can use Quidco on top of that.

What's the score with the Education site at Apple?

I notice on there that it is possible for a parent to buy one for their child(school age of course) and that seems acceptable, no need to be a student yourself or a teacher or provide any proof at time of purchase, though I guess they may ask for proof of your child's school before proceeding with the order?

Can anyone confirm my thinking is correct?

Try work your way into a university campus computer, then go to the higher education store for even bigger discounts!

Also, the £23 discount code can not be used in conjunction with Student Discount!

Good luck

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Titty - yes nearly anyone can buy from the Education store - you can be a parent or a student etc, I'm pretty sure there are no other questions asked really... The HE store, however, requires a login from a university network.

I'm thinking the best way to go is to use the HE discount then! How do you know that a discount code cannot be used in conjunction with the HE store BillyBobThorntz0?
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