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Found 14th Jul
i bought a macbook pro from very, only had it 6 days and its faulty i have a genius appointment tomorrow and wondered if they replace it would they give me the new model that came out the other day or replace it with like for like old model. mine is the 2017 model. or i can return it to very, get credited and buy it again when very get the new models in. wondered if anyone knew what apple would do as i did not buy direct from apple would they just replace it with the older model. ( if i bought it from apple shop could just walk in and exchange it for the new eodl within 14 days no questions asked)
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I wouldn’t bother going to Apple and just return it to very for a refund stating it’s faulty. Then wait.

The older MacBook pros are based on now very old tech processors and DDR3 ram, compared to other windows laptops which have been using DDR4 ram for at least 2 years. Good to see Apple finally catching up a bit on the hardware side.…os/
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Agreed send it back to very stating the problem and you would like a refund or upgrading to the new model.
Put the ball ball back in their court.
Return to Very under the distance selling regs, you dont need to give them a reason then buy the new MacBook when available.
yes agreed thanks. returning the macbook, get a refund, wait and re order. les hassle as i still have the 2012 retina to use at moment.
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