apple macbook

[SIZE=2]i have two requests:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]does anyone think the macbook is any good? also where can i get this for a competitive price - what is the price with a student discount from higher education. And can the macbook play decent games decently? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]what are the deals like on the dell outlet for laptops. Are the prices competitive for what im getting? any stand out prices?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]thank you[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ps - actually any offers on a laptop with a dedicated graphics card of 128mb or more would be nice[/SIZE]


If you're in uni, you could go to Apple website, click higher education link and you'll get quite a big discount for macbook. You need to use your uni network or uni proxy server to be able to go to this higher education link.

Game & notebook is mutually exclusive... except if you're willing to get those higher end one.

If you want to play games on a macbook you'll need to up the RAM from the standard 512MB because of the shared memory for the graphics chip. You can also get nice prices for the Macbook in the Apple refurb shop.
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