Apple Macbook.... Mac Office 08 or iWork???

well im getting a macbook pro for uni, works out to be 640 quid after selling the unwanted free itouch, wanted to know which package i should buy from it, i relay like office 07, but i heard mac office 08 isnt like that, any advice?



If you don't want to spend much you could always download for free. It supports most of the formats Office uses.

If you're at uni you'll probably qualify for this: ]http//ww…spx.

It's a great price and totally legit for anyone in education. They send just the disk with the installation code and i think the Mac version can be used for up to 2 systems. Make sure to take a look at T&Cs to see if you're eligible for the license though.

Not too sure about your 07/08 query. I've used older versions of the Windows Office and 08 on the Mac is quite different. In my opinion it's much better though; the way it's laid out just makes more sense and is much more intuitive.

Hope this helps, enjoy your Mac! :thumbsup:

I'd go for iWork, it's designed for the OS and runs excellently. There's nothing that Office for Mac can do that iWork can't.
Office for Mac isn't great, I've not used it for a while now because it's like a ported version that has been made to match the OS gui but it isn't so smooth and not so easy to use. Then again, maybe Office for Mac 08 is very much improved?

Personally, I'd still say go for the iWork because of the flawless integration with other Apple programs like iLife, Address book, iCal and Mail.
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