Found 8th Oct 2004
Who will win the digital music War between Apple and Windows?

- Personally i want Apple to win.

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Yeah, apple all the way.

lol your username gives away your desire

As a Mac user I'd love to see Apple win, however I'm worried about Microsoft's recent entry. I thought that iTunes would have a deeper user base than they have considering they beat MS in the market by over a year. However I think they dropped the ball by not rolling out in the EU quick enough, that should have happened at the same time as the iTunes US. Instead Napster and others have a good toehold in Europe which MS is only going to build on. I think the HP co-brand in the US should have happened 8 months ago too instead of now.

Simply what frightens me about MS is the ability they have to integrate the store right into the OS as well as their deep deep pockets which can withstand a long price war in a small margin business model.

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dont spose you've seen any clips of 'Tiger' in action? Well if you haven't it just underlines how intergrated the new operating system is going to be with your whole computer life.
I also cant wait for in month i will have me new iMac! 17inch Superdrive.

Yeah it looks amazing! I'm really looking forward to having the Konfabulator type widgets integrated. What I meant about integrations with MS is that MS will be able to integrate their music store into Windows to the point where it is a hassle for people to download iTunes etc. Don't forget that Windows still had a 80%? marketshare so if you lose that edge as a music store competitor you really feel it.

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Those widgets look so damn cool, i have downloaded some for Panther but there not that great as you cant get them to fade into affect like you can on Tiger.

I;d prefer Apple to win, simply because of bill gates & mirco$oft!

I do have microsoft everything tho, mates me somewhat a hypocrit!

hhm so it's a choice between golden delicious + sour grapes? :lol: I've only ever used Microsoft too, so can't comment as I've not had a byte of an Apple. Most apples look very nice I must admit + when I get the chance to try one, I look forward to it.

If it wasn't for Microsoft, I doubt I'd have been fortunate enough to be a computer user in the first place. Just a shame about the monopolising of MS.

come on apple

I must say I favour apple....

Steve Jobs is the man!


I dont think Tesco has as many songs tho...but they will build.

Keep going all the way, apple
Come on apple


i h8 windows its bob

iv only ever used to windows since i was young ... but to be honest apple macs are lookin kinda nice ... what is the main dif between the both?


i h8 windows its bob

I'm sure Microsoft used to have an Operating System or application called Bob several years ago, or did I dream it?

Oh, back on topic. I hope the Consumer wins! :wink:

Wazzzzuppppppppppp Goo Apple Not Windows Not Linux
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