Apple Play car stereos- any recommendations?

Posted 8th Aug
Hi all

I have a 65 plate Ford Focus which has the basic Ford Sync stereo system. It does the basics well, Bluetooth, DAB radio etc but I’d like to replace it with an aftermarket Apple Play stereo which I can hook up to my iPhone so that I can get Google maps on the display etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’ve been looking at Halfords but they seem to be all Kenwoods and Pioneers which I have in my head are a bit, well, cr*ppy. I’m happy to be proved wrong.

Any advice gratefully received.
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Kenwood, pioneer or Sony. All good for CarPlay.
JVC / Kenwood. Also think about whether you want wireless or wired CarPlay. Wireless CarPlay might sound like a good idea but then it’s going to kill the battery of the phone quickly so likely that’ll be on charge when in CarPlay anyway, so may as well go wired then think about which head unit would look good and where you are going to route usb cable to for phone.

Edit: also think about steering wheel control integration - if it’s important to you may need an adapter.
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If you think that kenwood and pioneer are “crappy” the only choice you have is Alpine.

I have a pioneer one and very happy with it. But the screen is now starting to bleed in places. Still perfectly useable after 5 years.

be aware too that the 2015 focus will need a facia and wiring kit that costs about £85. I don’t know how well they fit in the focus but I know on the fiesta the fit is poor and the angle of the screen that it has to fit makes the viewing angle bad and very hard to see in bright weather
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