Apple Powerbook G4 1.5ghz advice

Found 6th Mar 2008
Im looking at buying a secondhand Apple 1.5ghz power book. I just want to know what the performance will be like? Is the 1.5ghz in a apple any different to a normal pc/laptop performance wise.

i have never had a apple before but people seem to rave about them.

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How much are they asking for it?

Depends on number of factors what of osx version its on,RAM etc
Its OS 10.5.2 and 1gb ram. It is the 12" superdrive version. Not sure if thats good or not!
It depends what you want if for and how much they are asking,its is the old G4 processor but they are rock solid,the 12" is really portable and is not made anymore so its still in high demend....just have a good play with it before you buy
yes, i think powerpc ppc speeds are faster then comparable intel , on most mac software you'll get a g4 minimum thats different to the intel ones. im on an old g4 1ghz 1g ram and although its not always lightning fast its very stable and reliable. i tried using a pc for recording and the thing simply never worked. if i can afford it next year i'll get a macbook to go with my firebox
got a imac 2.1 intel and powerbook 1.87 15" last one they produced dual layer dvd ddr2 ram etc

laptop is perfect for most things. internet, word, photoshop cs2 is better on g4 processor as it was designed for it, cs3 is fast on intel macs.

i can easily have 5 web pages open word documents and photoshop running all at once without any performance drops.

i love it. £400 compared to £1200 for the new macbookpro.
Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your input. What would be a good price for a:
G4 Powerbook
12" Screen
1.5Ghz Processor
1.25GB Ram
80Gb HDD
Bluetooth etc.


Hi everyone,Thanks for all your input. What would be a good price for … Hi everyone,Thanks for all your input. What would be a good price for a:G4 Powerbook12" Screen1.5Ghz Processor1.25GB Ram80Gb HDDWirelessBluetooth etc.Cheers

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