Apple Powerbook - PowerPC Versions (The Old new one.

Found 11th Jan 2006
Hi, with the new Intel ones coming out surley there must be some sales going on somewhere with the old ones.

I've looked at the refubishment apple shop.

Any advise? I will be very very grateful. :oops:
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Would wait a bit until they are actually shipping from Apple - they seem to be still selling the G4 version, though u would be a mug to buy one!

Would keep checking the refurb store on a wed, they will know more off in Feb when they are actually released. Also try [url]www.cancomuk.com[/url] - they do refurbs/sales on apple gear.
Back again

If you trust ebay, check there - i reckon there will be a big knee jerk reaction from people who will panic and sell their powerpc based stuff and buy the new intels.

I have a g4 iBook and a Dual G5 Tower, i aint gonna change for a few years yet, even if they are supposedly faster! But will be many who will want the latest, which means taking a bit hit via ebay.
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