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I was lucky enough to win a 32gb iPod Touch a few weeks ago in a raffle ( I was well shocked!).

Anyway it now has a Dead or Stuck pixel which has moved so its not 100% dead. Its right in the middle of the screen and is so annoying when watching movies surfing the net etc. It is not always visable under low light which is weird.

I was just wondering what Apples repair service is like I have put a repair request in and they are sending out a returns box but they said I may get a refurbed one back.

What are the experiences of others on here with apple and in particular iPod Touch repairs.

Also if anyone has any good ideas on how to fix a moving stuck/dead pixel can you let me know please.


Take it into an Apple Store and have a chat with them, from the serial number they will be able to see how old it is and when it was sold.

Check the serial yourself ]HERE

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Just thought I would update you all.
I took the iPod to the Apple store in Southampton and they informed me it was a foreign object under the screen which is why it moved occasionally.
They replaced the iPod then and there (reconditioned unit) and gave me a receipt showing full details of the exchange.
I was over the moon. Great customer service and I will be extending the warranty to 2 years for sure (£38)!

Glad you got it sorted :thumbsup:
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