Apple Serial number check help,

I had a really long phone conversation with apple today about them sending me proof that the s/n of an ipod i have is fake which they couldnt do, anyway in that she also gave me a website which for me doesnt seem to work so wondered if someone could check (as i searched on google and the website did seem to exist.... at some time)


ohh and if anyone could try it for me the woman said that i shouldnt put www. infront or it wouldnt work (though it doesnt seem to work anyway?)



Have a look at ]this and ]this.

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yer i know from google and it implies the site works but Mozilla and IE both say that the sites dont exist, can you test the site please and let me know if it loads up?


Doesnt work for me.

Sorry, I should have said in my post, I couldn't get it to load.

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k thanks atleast it isnt just me, thanks for the help
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