Apple - Short film "Nian" for Lunar New Year

Posted 30th Jan 2021
Short film from Apple for Lunar New Year, possibly for a short time only.

Apple tapped director Lulu Wang to showcase the cinematic features of the tech company’s latest iPhone.

Wang, who wrote and directed 2019 feature film “The Farewell,” directed a new short for Apple in celebration of Chinese New Year, “Nian,” which puts a fresh twist on a well-known Chinese folktale. (Watch above or at this link.) The 11-minute film was directed by Wang and her team from “The Farewell” and shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

“Nian” tells the story of a brave young girl’s determination to find — and confront — the widely feared Nian beast. When she comes face to face with him, she discovers that Nian is not at all terrifying and the two strike up a beautiful friendship based on acceptance.

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