Apple TV 4 or MAG 256 ?

Posted 13th Sep 2017
What would be better to get out of these 2. I am looking to use it mainly for iptv. I know that the MAG box is used mainly for iptv but then on the apple tv there is an app that can be used for this purpose.
MAG 256 is for about £99 whereas I can pick up an Apple TV 4 for about £112 (with staff discount).

Should I spend £13 more an get an Apple TV or is the MAG 256 better
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You won't get better than the mag boxes for iptv. But that's basically all they can do. Depends on how many of the Apple TVs other functions would benefit you.
Have you considered getting one of the older mag boxes i.e 250 or 254. There's very little difference and you'll pick one up for half the price of a 256 and then maybe you could afford both.
The remote is much better suited for IPTV on the mag box.
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