Apple TV or Cheap Android Mobile for Miracast/Screenshare to LG TV

Found 6th Aug
Hello all,

First submission so be kind here (All info welcome though, I must add)

Looking for some advice on whether it would be more beneficial to buy a New/Used Apple TV to mirror my current iPhone to my TV or a cheap android phone. Currently in possession of an iPhone 6 (Old I know, but I gave up chasing extortionate mobile contract plans every 24 months ages ago) & using TweakBox for MovieBox/iPlayTV. Using Apples airplay function I thought it may be easier to use this feature with an Apple TV than buy an android phone to use as a caster. What would you guys go for ?

P.S I do plan on purchasing another iPhone in future (Slave to the iOS for pure ease) so my iPhone 6 would reside to a cast phone for future use.

Thanks Community
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Sounds like a Apple TV might suit you better. That way when you get your new phone you could always use that as well if needed.
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