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Found 27th May 2007
I'm flying on Tuesday and Dixons Tax Free have an Apple Video iPod 80Gb for £203.40. Is this a good deal? Not that keen on buying from a DSG store if I don't have to.:roll:
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You can get it for
See here:


But if you want it for tuesday then I doubt you'll get it. But if you get it tuesday duty free, well - it won't have any music for you to listen to anyway!


unfortunately that deal has expired so dixons look your best bet!

You can get it for See … You can get it for See here:http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69265&highlight=iPodBut if you want it for tuesday then I doubt you'll get it. But if you get it tuesday duty free, well - it won't have any music for you to listen to anyway!HTH :)MattC.

Not bothered about it not having music on it to listen to. I've got even music and video stored on my crackberry to keep the mini-vikings entertained.
Well I'll tell you about my recent experince with the Ipod 80gb.

I bought one of ebay second hand for £150 and £5 delivery.

Got it and broke in 5 minutes.

I went on apple website and typed in my serial number to see if it had any warrenty and it had 120 so days left.

Requested a repair, they sent me the delivery packaging and picked it up free of charge the NEXT DAY!

They then reviewed it and sent me a brand new Ipod 80gb!

I was well chuffed, I basically got a brand new Ipod 80gb for £155.

You only send the ipod off and non of the accesories, and the status is all trackable through their website with a link they send you via e-mail.

Never had an Ipod before, but apples warrenty service is completely awesome and so quick, requested it and the next day I get UPS on my door with the package.

Here's my hint to you, if you can get an Ipod 80gb second hand that is faulty, they all have warrenty left on them because they were released around september last year.

Obviously the fault has to be within Ipod's warrenty conditions, not like its been opened or ipod linux installation gone wrong.

Mine was working fine then suddenly got stuck on the apple logo screen and didn't work however many times I used reset.

To find out if the ipod has warrenty you just enter the serial number on the back of the ipod on this page:

Under where it says "About Your Support Coverage".

Hope this helps.
Fetchin GENIUS idea!
Errrm - what did you do without a sales receipt?
You dont need a sales reciept it just asks when you purchased it, well it for me when i had to return my 30GB ipod because it got stuck in recovery mode. They sent me a brand new ipod as well. Wasnt too good for me though because i had just spent £16 on an invisible shield to protect it so i had to rip that off and the ipod was just 1 month old. I managed to claim a new invisible shield for free because they have a lifetime warranty, although it requires you to send a letter to america for around 50p but in the end you save £15.50 and your ipod looks immaculate when you come to sell it.
Oh coool.

*looks for 80GB iPod video*
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