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Posted 29th Dec 2019
Hey guys just wanted to know how you used you Watch for health tracking

I just got the SleepWatch app so hopefully, it will track sleep from now on

What do you guys use to track workouts?

Whenever I go lifting should I open the workouts app, or is there a better app to handle that?
(Currently use Strong to track workouts but it doesnt sync well, i.e. new workout on iPhone doesnt show on Watch, and that doesnt track health data)

Normally, after the gym it takes me about 30-40mins to walk home. Will the watch automatically record this or do I have to select it manually? It pops up saying 'record outdoor walk' after 10mins, but I'm not sure if that adds the previous 10 mins as well.

And also, how accurate do you find the data? Is calories, or distance 90% accurate? Is the ECG and heart beat sensor almost 100% accurate? Do I have to do anything to continuously record my HR through my workout?
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I use the 1 that comes as default. Open workout, on watch, select type of exercise your doing and off you go.
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