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Posted 16th Sep
Not sure if this has already been discussed, but the online Apple Watch studio allows you to create your own personalised version of watch. Is this just something the website offers or could I walk into an Apple store and have this option, or is it only available to the online studio as such? TIA.
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I’m asking if this is a service that the Apple store offers or if it’s website specific. I couldn’t just walk into Apple store (Meadowhall) and spec one exactly as I have online?
As far as I know it’s website only and not store. They haven’t got any stocks of the new watches at any uk store anyway according to the Apple stock sites
Yes I noticed that. Delivery is 29th - 1st October - standard delivery and no option for next day unless this is availabile from Friday?
I ordered 2 mins after the store came back on and not getting till 28th, although that’s not to bad a wait
Will cost you as well
I might have to go to my local Apple store this week anyway so will ask if I go!
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