Apple will release a slimmer 7-inch iPad by the second-quarter 2011

Apple Company updates its products almost every year, recently it released its new generation of iPhone and iPod touch. What would be the next surprise Apple bring to users? Through analysis, Goldman Sachs predicts that iPad could release a slimmer iPad by the end of the second quarter of 2011. If this prediction can become true, it must trill many Apple fans.

According to the analysis, Apple will attempt to make the new iPad much more delicacy by reducing its weight and thickness, and the new generation of iPad would also be much easier to grip. However, the 9.7-inch display will be kept in the new iPad. Some people even have an extravagant hope that they expect Apple can install a built-in camera and a mini USB drive, so it can meet some additional needs for users.

We all know it has been a long rumor that Apple would release a 7-inch iPad, aims at this rumor Goldman Sachs also analyzed the possibility of this plan. It says the new generation of iPad would make this rumor become true.

With regard to the predictions above, Apple did not make any immediately respond however, it even didn’t reveal to the public whether it would attach the new iPad next year. Now BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has announced the Playbook, a 7-inch tablet, which includes Wi-Fi connectivity, a 1GHz dual-core chip, and two cameras. So, once all these expectation about the new iPad become true, it must lead to a new competition on tablet market.



No flash = No point.

[email protected] upgrade meaning it will have a USB port!

mmm-weird-your title says apple WILL release a 7 inch pad,and then I read the article and its just speculation by someone else.

I really don't think they will, talk about a 12-gauge to your right foot known as the 'iPod Touch' and where would the price bracketing be? Pure speculation, they may be researching a smaller iPad but you won't see it for a few years yet. Not until the gap has widened between pad and touch (hehe sounds like a kinky game)

PS. it's also common courtesy to link to the article you are shamelessly half inching.... but then again the grammar and spelling are soooo bad don't worry about it.
Edited by: "Celticsun" 9th Oct 2010

dell streak 7inch, sooner

I think they will released before Xmas, as their patent for the new iPad has been approved and all the productions are in line now.

Announced during Quarterly review, would just like to say "I told you so" No I repeat No 7inch iPad.
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