Applecare for iMac - Cheap as Possible!

I need to buy Applecare for my iMac in the next three weeks but I really don't want to spend £130 on it. I have seen some on eBay for £49 but I am a bit cautious of buying that sort of thing from eBay as most sellers just seem to email you the code.

Does anyone know the best and trust worthy place I can get Applecare iMac from for under £100?



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70 at … 70 at CEXhttp://www.cex.co.uk/products/Computing/Software/Software%20-%20Apple/index.php?sku=885909117147&name=(S)%20AppleCare%20-%20iMac&mode=buy

I did see this but it is in store only and I don't have any stores near me.

I've bought applecare from ebay and used it successfully when my macbook air went wrong a little while ago. There were no questions from Apple at all.
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