Found 13th Dec 2016
hi there, i bought an ipad mini for my 7 year old from tesco, is it worth it to buy AppleCare plus with it? it seems expensive 89 quid!


I bought it when I bought an ipad for my 9 year old. I also bought an otterbox case that cost a fortune as well! The ipad has been dropped numerous times and the case has protected it perfectly. If I had the choice again, I would just buy a really good case.

Like all insurance, it's down to how you feel about risk.

I think you get two repairs under the scheme and have to pay access. So if the device is dropped twice and the screen breaks then it would be worth paying the £89 upfront.........however if you never need a repair then the money is wasted.

I'm not sure how long the insurance lasts it two years?

For me if I was buying one for a 7 year old then I'd probably go for it.

It depends how you see it to be honest. No one can predict when they accidentally break their gadgets.

I'm sure you read all the Terms and Conditions already on AppleCare+. Just a reminder that AppleCare+ cost £89 and covers 2 years but if you do accidentally break your iPad, it will cost an excess of £39 up to 2 incidents. So you'll be paying an additional £39 to Apple to fix it.

Pros on AppleCare+:
- Apple uses genuine Apple parts to fix the broken iPad
- You have a piece of mind that you're protected with Apple
- Some third party places do not use genuine Apple parts and can effect the iPad in different way (screen to thick or third party battery etc)

Cons on AppleCare+:
- Paying £39 extra just to fix the device when you've already paid £89
- Only up to 2 incidents you can use AppleCare+ to fix your broken device (on the 3rd time they won't do it)
- If you look hard enough you probably can find a third party to fix the iPad for around the same price and without paying the extra £89 for AppleCare+

But like previous poster suggest, get a thick protective case for that iPad as a kid is bound to drop it a lot of times.

I would assume using the Applecare service also helps you keep your warranty? Again, an assumption but say you drop and crack the screen in month one, go to a third party and get it repaired I would presume that the warranty then becomes null and void?


do you have laminate?? then yes, because mine iPad air 2 fell once , from sofa to floor and screen cracked!

I swear Apple screens are made out of sugar glass, they crack so easily.

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thanks for the advive everyone, i think for peace of mind il get the AppleCare
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