Apple's Adapter Replacement Program (MagSafe adapters)

Found 10th Nov 2011
Some MacBook owners have probably received their laptops with Apple’s MagSafe chargers. For those who may have received the original T-style MagSafe adapters, you’re probably painfully aware of the MagSafe adapter’s ability to fray right the top, which will ultimately lead to wires being exposed and sometimes affecting the MagSafe’s ability to charge the MacBook properly.


The good news is that thanks to a class-action lawsuit that argued that the 60W or 85W MagSafe MPM-1 power adapter was defective, Apple will now start to offer cash claims and replacements, with the former offer to be valid until the 21st of March 2012, and the latter offer to be valid until the 31st of December 2012.
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Thanks for the info, I've moved this to the misc forum as being more relevant.
The link does state US only, any news on if we in the UK are going to be screwed over again?
My T-Magsafe connector is now faulty, need to see if this applies in the UK.
Managed to get mine replaced even though the program is US only. Thanks!
My T-Magsafe connector just stopped working today. I've always taken really good care of it, the cable has split, with wires showing and it's clearly faulty - going to Apple Store tomorrow (UK) to see what they say, as I'm down to 50% battery and no way of charging.

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