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Posted 12th Jan
Hi all,

Have had appliance cover now for a a number of years paying around £21 per month to protect our fridge/ oven & washing machine, have had to claim once in 6 years on the washing machine for a quick repair. Although it’s peace of mind, over the 6 years of paying around £20-£25 it totals to around £1500!!!

Do any home insurance / contents in Insurers offer this along with their cover at a cheaper rate? Feels like I’m throwing money away with this insurance where I could of brought a top oven with what I’ve spent so far
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You should have put the £21 into a savings account each month.
Wel thats what I do. Its worked so far.
fridges, ovens, washing machines etc are relatively cheap, there isn't really a need to insure other than your own home insurance
The same thing has been troubling me also.
I took out appliance insurance a few years ago largely because it was so difficult around here to get someone out in a reasonable time who did not have asthma (those intake of breaths me really irk me).
I needed a service I could rely on. The policy is up for renewal March so if anyone knows of cheap, reliable appliance cover I would be very grateful.
As stated above these items are not very expensive and should last a few years at least. Don't think I have ever had a problem with any of these appliances and I have a 10 year old washing machine I bought second hand off eBay.
Same as above, don't recall anything not lasting 5yrs+ at least and nothing expensive all midrange. Seems a waste of money.

If you really want it then maybe a comparison site will probably give better quotes:…ce/
Another vote for dont bother.

Appliances are available cheaply enough - especially used. In the event of problems new ones are available for delivery in 24hrs or immediate collection. Why pay £300/year to insure stuff?
Complete waste of money. 1. Appliances are dirt cheap except you want the real top of the line stuff. 2. We have quite good consumer laws ( 6 years in the UK, except Scottland 5 years). Even after the manufacturer warrenty period expired they need to made a very good case that e.g. a fridge can only last 2 years. Fought some claims with success.
They are a complete waste of money , was very annoyed with LG and D&G , I bought a washing machine with a free 5 year guarantee ( saw it on HUKD) arrived and noticed you could phone to qualify ie your make /details , turns out when phoning it’s D&G who answer , who then proceed to try to flog you extra cover , barely taking no for an answer , not till the end of spiel did I get my reference number to qualify for the free 5 year guarantee, there was a good article in the guardian how these extra cover are complete waste of money , far better saving it
Moved house 18 month ago, with all new appliances. Last month washing machine died. Found out the element needed replacing.
Cost me £60 to get a new one installed, which is just under 3 months of your cover plan.
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