Appliance deals? Closed?

    Ive been doing some research on a new oven needed for our kitchen and I had decided to buy one from Appliance Deals. But since thursday evening I havent been able to get on the site.

    can Anyone else test this out for me please, or if you know any info why they are down please let me know.



    Worked for me

    OK for me too

    PS, this should be in misc

    Payperclick ?????

    Original Poster


    OK for me tooPS, this should be in misc

    sorry wasnt too sure where it was meant to go.

    Ive tried clearing my cookies and temp internet files but the site will not load.

    Thanks for trying for me

    The site doesn't load for me either...
    (using Firefox on Mac)

    Still OK for me with Firefox, XP, AVP, Zonealarm and Tiscalli broadband

    Original Poster

    still not loading for me.

    doesnt matter now, managed to get a better deal from trading post. :-D
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