applying for a football match ticket

    can anyone tell me what happens on applying for a football match ticket? my son wants to go to a man u match and ive noticed that you need to apply, then the buy tickets comes up at a later date



    If you keep an eye on they will usually have them for sale. Also keep an eye out for midweek games as usually they will go on general sale. You will have to be a member to apply for normal tickets but sometimes you can pick up the odd couple of tickets.

    The apply for ticket is only open to the Official Supporters Club members, you enter a ballot for tickets and if there is any left after the ballot then they go on general sale which is when the buy tickets option is shown.

    You can only apply for 1 ticket per membership and it £30 adult £20 kids, you do get £5 a ticket off with membership so if your going to go alot it's worthwhile.

    Everygame so far this season bar the Liverpool match has gone on general sale so tickets are available for none members, so aslong as your not after a top 4 match you should be ok. Tickets availble for the Chams league and carling cup games at present and if you call the ticket office theres probably still some available for the west brom match.

    If you buy online you'll need to be a emember (online member) which is free so fill out the membership first.

    Are you looking at any fixture in particular?
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