Applying for a job?!!?(question)

    i have applied for a job with a large company that my mother has an account with that i have accsess to, is it legal for them to check my account as part of the aplication process?.


    what account do yu mean, unless you gave authorisation i would guess they couldnt

    They shouldnt because its not yours.

    Original Poster

    if it was mine?

    that would be unethical, besides your not your mother, you are you!!!


    that would be unethical, besides your not your mother, you are you!!!

    This is getting very Lincolnshire-ish

    Just a thought, on your account when you signed up for it, it would have told/should have said something about data protection? and how they protected your information.

    Depending on the type of job you applied for and what it said on the application form, I doubt they could pull the account. As I think this would be in breech of the above act?

    Also why would they need to know your financial situation as this will should not have a direct link to your employable status.

    If I am wrong please feel free to correct me:roll:


    This is getting very Lincolnshire-ish

    I dont get it...Linconshire-ish?

    dont really understand the query. what account, and how is that attached to the job application? is it a credit card or ...?
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