Applying for an extended overdraft

Found 10th Jun 2008
I bank with hsbc and due to wanting to purchase a 2nd hand car quickly I need to extend my overdraft which is currently £100 and always has been since i first started banking with hsbc a few years ago.
I looked into it a little on the internet banking website for hsbc and it states that it will charge me £25,is this fee only payable if hsbc agree to extend it or will i get charged even if they refuse it?
Also I'm not currently working but hubbys wages go directly into my account every week,will this make any difference the fact I'm not employed as such?
I couldnt find out anymore info as once i started filling in the online application it came up with the bit about being charged £25 so i didnt proceed,need to find out a few answers first! will the online application ask for my wage/employment etc details?
thanks in advance
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you shouldnt get charged the £25 'evaluation' fee as they like to call it

I think the overdraft goes on the way the account is run, how much goes in and out, how many direct debits get refused and how long you have been with them.

I dont actually think you are credit scored for an overdraft, so your employment status wont come into it.

good luck.

Plus, see you have an african grey, lovely. Like mine!!
thankyou very much for the info,worth a try then i guess

how olds your african grey?? male/female?
This £25 is a fairly new thing, I only noticed when I was charged it. I have many accounts with them and never go overdrawn. I have banked with them for over 20 years.

It is a yearly charge on accounts with an agreed overdraft. I said I didn't require it so they refunded my account.

So if you agree an overdraft, you will be charged yearly regardless of your account status.
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