Applying to Waterstones

    I've just been ringing about 10 Waterstones branches in London and finally found one with a vacancy. The woman on the phone told me that there's a part time job available and to send in a CV and a cover letter.

    So what do I include in the cover letter? :s


    For some reason I misinterpreted waterstones as a chain of pubs - wetherspoons, god knows why?

    A covering letter just basically needs to cover which position you are applying for and why you think you are suitable for the job, re-enforcing any points in your cv that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

    EDIT: Or see jellybabys link it covers what ive said in a better fashion and has hints and tips too!

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    ok but the woman i spoke to on the phone didn't give specifics about the job, she just said that there's a temporary position available

    hmm... i'll ring them up tomorrow again and enquire

    I should imagine you would be able to guess the specifics about the job, it is unlikely you will be preparing food!!

    I would include such things as;

    Take a flexible approach to working hours (been as it's part time)
    Very interested in books
    Work methodically and understand both simple and complex organisational methods (ie A-Z)
    Able to tell customers that if they go to tescos they can get the same thing for half the price......

    Maybe not the last one, but just basically sell yourself!!

    Good luck
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