Appraisal for Nokia C7

    Need to sell for this for my Mum, so wondering how much should i sell it for? Its in excellent condition and all, only bought maybe a month or 2 ago, on 3 contract...

    Also My mum says she wants IPhone now, so wondering, is the 3G or 3Gs still good options? And how much do i have to pay for them to find them these days

    Thanks alot


    I'll offer £100 for the phone, depending on the network?



    I'll offer £100 for the phone, depending on the network?

    chikosiko, if you wish to sell here you need to start a thread in FS. Any acceptance of Flab09's offer in this thread means you will have to wait a further 7 days before listing.

    Flab09, chikosiko is looking for advice in this thread, not a buyer. I would have thought someone with as much FS experience as yourself would know better than to try and trade outside of the FS forum.

    Please take time to read the FS guidelines


    I will offer £150. Bought my one now for £130 from cash convertors. As new.


    £160 final offer, your Mum would be proud
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