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Posted 24th Nov

University = Benefits, discounts and offers vs Apprentices = Nothing as they get paid
... is not quite true, after recently becoming one myself I thought I'd share a few things that apprentices do have available even though its not mentioned a lot.


Yes you can get a student bank account with a student credit card same as university students. This has only recently changed so here are a couple of picks.

  • HSBC: offer a student bank account to ANY apprentice who is studying/working an apprenticeship Level 2 and above. The website states higher apprenticeship but if you go in store its recently changed and so long you have proof you can get it.

Discounts, high fee-free overdraft and £100 for switching/opening.…nt/

  • Santander: offer a student bank account to a higher level apprenticeship, Level 4-7, this may lower in the future but if your on a higher level apprenticeship this is well within the worth.

Discounts, high fee-free overdraft, 123 world offers, cashback and intrest on positive balances and a free4 year railcard…unt


You can get a surprising amount of discounts at retailers if you go in and prove you are studying. Majority or apprenticeships will go on release days/weeks to go to a college, showing your college ID instore at a lot of retailers will get you student discounts! However if your willing to spend £11 you can get more.

  • ApprenticeEXTRA: apprentice extra is apart of NUS/Totum, if you have a college email address or type the college / your place if study, you are more than likely eligible for an ApprenticeEXTRA card. (Terms and conditions)

100's of discounts, 10% off CO-OP, 25% off domino's tones off retailers, food places, experience days you name it.


  • Amazon Prime Student: 6 months free trial then 50% off prime per month. Exclusive offers, next day delivery, 15% off Amazon basics, 10% of books, 10% off coach tickets and more....

Proof of you apprenticeship course, ie confirmation letter of apprenticeship, confirmation of college start date or easiest is a scan of your ApprenticeEXTRA card if you get one.

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