Apprenticeship Questions.

    I applied for an apprenticeship a few month back, got a letter through today saying I have initial assessments and stuff this thursday at the college.

    Does anyone know what kind of assessments these are? Basic maths and english? I have to take my qualifications aswell.



    Just got to read your post, and hope this is of use??
    It depends on who your apprenticeship is with, but a similar test I was called to a few years ago was like basic maths and english, general problem solving.
    Also tests for colour blindness as it was to be a sparky!
    There were approx 100 of us in each test and a few tests that day over 3 days, a major employer.
    Good luck! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Cheers mate.

    It was for a college and not a business.

    There was supposed to be 16 taking the assessments but only 6 of us turned up. Pretty basic written test that took 10 minutes, then onto the computers to do a maths test and english test.

    Maths was quite hard as it is for a tech apprenticeship.

    No probs,
    Fingers crossed.
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