Found 28th Apr 2011
Beginning to think it April 1st all over again with first the UFO over Westminster now this toddler being offered a football contract.

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to be fair he deserves it... hes better than me.....

all the best


Pretty sure i'm better than this guy

When decent players aged 18 sell for millions it's prudent for a club to invest young just incase he becomes a talent. If not they haven't really lost anything.

Only issue is that it puts alot of pressure on him when he realises what's happening.

Its just a publicity stunt, if its the 1 year old who has signed a 10 year contract (i cba clicking the link as have seen it before)

And as a publicity stunt it has obviously worked very well for the team

To be fair he's a very good dribbler.

He's progressing quicker than the pros. If he keeps it up he'll be gambling addict, snorting drugs and raping 19 year olds by the time he's 7.

Imogen Thomas is en route to the Netherlands as we speak

the real long term contract will come once the kid learns how to dive lol
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