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Anybody know the best places abroad to get sum sun in april, not to far away maybe 4/5 hours flight. It will be my birthday and fancy getting away to soak up the sun on a beach somewhere, but need sum ideas, if anyone can help


canarys is nice and hot but might be expensive because of the euro

Canary islands or Egypt at that time of year as most other places in europe are a little hit and miss at that time of year.

In april you could actually get the sun in many med resorts but its just your luck, you could be unlucky and have a week of rain or be lucky having a week of sunshine...

Your more or less guaranteed weather are the canary islands - tenerife or gran canaria being the hottest, fuerteventura and lanzarote are are hot but can be windy. (although you could again be really unfortunate and still get some rain)

Other resorts i would recommend that may have good sunshine during the day but cold at night would be Greece, Turkey, (depends when in april u go though as a lot of flights dont start to all resorts until late april or beginning of May) Egypt and such like places.

We went to Tunisia last year. It was red hot there. nice clean, but basic hotel. localls were friendly and food was cheap. Alcohol wasnt that cheap and i remember people were complaining as they wanted to get off there heads all the time. i enjoyed it and im quite easy to please. The resort was Hamamet.

I'm offf to Lanzarote on the 5th April, PDC, Yippee!

If you dont mind a 6 hours flight then look into ]Cape Verde and stay in Riu Funana or Riu garopa. Great hotels. Cape verde is just about hotel and beach tho tbh not much else there. Egypt will be hot that time of year.

We go to Los Gigantes in Tenerife every April (1st week) for my Husbands birthday and its always hot enough and its cooler on a night so at least you can still sleep if you don't have Air-con.
Thomson Holidays have the only hotel in Los Gigantes which is lovely and much better than the horrible resorts of Playa and the like.
We got flights for just under £400 for 2 + an under 2 for 10 days. Dont know about the accomodation though.
Hope this helps you!!

i would think about going a bit further and going all inclusive thats what we were advised by travel agents only cos you dont get much for your euro at mo

going all inclusive is a good way to ensure your not going to spend much but if you do go all inc then make sure its a nice hotel with good reviews for food, as theres nothing worse than going all inc, having poor quality of food and having to eat out anyway! You need to weigh up the pro and cons of going all inc or not on your individual basis, eg oerhaps u dont drink and dont eat much when ur abroad so in which case you might not find all inclusive any value to you. Just weigh up the diff in cost, it is expensive at the mo due to the euro, my mum was in amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and it was something crazy like 4euro for a 1.5lt bottle of cola which before would have been just over £2 but now its £4 due to our lousy pound xx

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Thanks all - liking the Cape Verde thing - Just looking on holiday watchdog to see where the best place to go is
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