Aprils fools day

    if you cant find any funny pranks to do this is a very cool website
    i have used the computer pranks countless times and its free to use
    some very good ones to download clippy is quite funny and you can edit the speech bubble to say whatever you want it to

    here is the website enjoy


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    clickable ]link

    Follow this link of the 100 best April Fool jokes of all time. Might give you some ideas.…ol/

    My own personal favourite is to put a 50 cm length of white cotton thread in my inside jacket pocket and use a needle to poke a 5cm length through on to the shoulder of my jacket.

    It looks like a loose thread and someone at work will invariably try try to pick it off but when they do the thread just keeps coming and they think they have pulled out the lining of the jacket.

    Very simple, always gets a great reaction and easy to reset the joke by just pulling the thread back through to the inside of the jacket.
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