April's Law

    I was reading a recent news article that talked about April Jones, the little girl who was abducted and murdered and I was surprised to see that the petition that was started has so few signatures compared with so many other petitions around, like the £5 note saga for a start! Just thought I'd ask if people agree with the petition if they'd sign it as I think closer policing of websites showing child abuse images should be encouraged.


    Signed and shared on Facebook


    for service providers and search engines to be better policed

    Whilst I agree with it I actually cant seeing it happen without massive investment in the Police & also a big rise in internet users reporting odd behaviour.

    It would be useful if you said more about it in this thread rather than relying on an external link as based on what has been said here I'm not that clear on the exact details.
    There are so many good causes so if you post here you need to promote it better I feel.
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    The government has already responded (with their normal claptrap response)

    Unless it affects one of the MP's directly or the masses use their political will nothing much will change

    And yes it's a sad world when the use of a £5 because it contains a natural chemical is more important than that of an innocent life - I blame millennials and political correctness


    April's Law

    We the undersigned call on the prime minister to make all sex offenders remain on the register for life no matter the crime, for service providers and search engines to be better policed regarding child abuse images and harder sentences on those caught with indecent images of children.

    Five-year-old April Jones was murdered by paedophile Mark Bridger after being abducted from outside her home in Machynlleth October 2012.
    Before April's abduction he was looking at child pornography. He had over 500 indecent imagines of children on his computer.

    If only we had something like the Investigatory Powers Act.

    Signed x

    Be on the sex offenders register for life? That should depend on the crime.
    If a 15 year old sleeps with a 16 year old and they get caught then the 16 year old will then be on the register for life.

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    Not sure how making sex offenders stay on the register for life would have helped in this case as Mark Bridger had never been considered a risk prior to this event.
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