APS and 35mm processing 50 films cheapest way please

Found 29th Jan 2005
How can i develop APS films and some disposable cameras (35mm)
about 40x APS and about 10 x35 mm at the cheapest
I know that i am talking about big money This is wot has put me off getting them all done
the envelopes u get everywhere can't be the cheapest
i don't need free films with each film processed etc as i am now digital
there must be a bulk rate
or small photos ---i'll have the negatives if i want 1 or 2big etc
or all onto cd if poss
i just gotta get them all developed before they go outa date or such like
any suggestions thanks
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[color=darkblue]Welcome to HUKD + thanks for your post.

I found this [from an envelope originally]

Klick Photopoint: Send three or more films you get a third processed free. [free film in return for each] But maybe you could contact them online to negotiate a better deal?[/color]

[color=blue]CLICK HERE - KLICK FILM[/color]

[color=darkblue]KLICK FILM PROCESSING[/color]

[color=indigo]KLICK TALK TO US HERE[/color]

[color=darkblue]Worth a telephone call:
0870 013 2060 for Klick shop enquiries
0870 750 7112 for Mail Order enquiries
0870 750 7112 for Online Digital enquiries[/color]
You will receive one £5 off a meal for 2 voucher for every film you send. Voucher valid Mon-Fri excluding special event days

or FREE FILM with EVERY film! (excluding compact prints)

Printing Prices start from 99p for a 27 exposure film

or Photos on CD from only £1.99 per CD!
Our great value CD gives you the change to store upto 5 films per CD.
Ideal to email your favourite photos to friends and family.


Plus if you have any digi-pics... sign up today and get 10 prints FREE!
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