was looking for the best prices online and offline for Aptamil Powdered Milk.

    Plus does anyone know an aptamil rep who could maybe help out??
    my mates dad used to be a rep for cow n gate, who helped us out with baby no.1, but he has retired now, so no luck on that front!!


    What stage?

    If its 1 or 2 retailers are not allowed to use discount or promotions on it as far as Im aware.

    If stage 3 get it from boots for points

    Original Poster

    its stage one im looking for!
    why wouldnt they be allowed discounts??


    its stage one im looking for!why wouldnt they be allowed discounts??

    Cos its goes against what the Health authorities are trying to achieve for babies.

    Breast is Best and all that :thumbsup:

    "marketing of formula milk undermines those who want to breastfeed and leaves many parents confused about how to feed their baby"

    Lol God that's awful... Breast feed or pay the full prices ? lol

    I breast fed my daughter - never ever ever will I do it again!
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