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Found 12th Jul 2007
Morning Gang

As we are all in the summer mood I have a new challenge for you all

Long shot I know, but does anyone know of any discount codes or where I can obtain 2 for 1 deals for this water park.

I managed to find some last year for the same park from their direct website but they are being cheap this year.
(Sad I know going back to the same place twice!)

There is also a Medieval jousting show at (wait for it) Castle San Miguel.
Cost for a family of 4 is about £100.
Any one know of any sneaky ones on this too?

Much appreciated

Goldstinker :thumbsup:
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i'm going in August and have been looking for offers and can't find anything
someone must have something
No nessecerily. Maybe they're not having any offers.

I've been and found it quite entertaining
We went in June and they offered us a discount if we booked both Aqualand and Jungle Park.
Have a look when you get there, I got a great deal on Loro Parque one time because I didn't book it in advance and just got a deal at the hotel reception.

I loved Monkey town.
thanks for the info peeps really looking forward to my first trip to Tenerife
The weather is pretty much incredible there, it's the best part of Europe to go to on a beach holiday in my opinion.

Oh by the way does anybody know how much it is for those ferry rides that travel between the islands ?
You are best to book a coach trip via hotel reception. They get a good rate for parties you see. I purchased a coach trip to La Gomera, with ferry cost and island tour included, for €45 last time I was there. The ferry alone was €85 from Los Cristianos as a seperate purchase.
The only official offer is between the Jungle Park and AquaPark - somet like tickets to both for 35 euros, cant remember exactely (we went in june). There was however plenty of street sellers trying to sell tickets for 10euros or buy one get one free - but how legit these are, who knows!

If you go to Los Americas, theres a really good tourist place near a restaurant called "The Patch" (yum, all you can eat english breakfast INCLUDING DRINKS for 3euros!!) which we found really useful and about the cheapest in the area.

Oh yeah, this was our third year lol! last one though, bit far to go from New Zealand.
My opinion (and a gentle plug for my company) any Admiral Travel shop in Tenerife - there are 6 across South Tenerife - will give you a good deal on any trips. If you do find it cheaper then tell them and im sure they will try and match or better it.

Hope this helps :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Normally that would be great but I'm going to Gran Canaria this time around, I'm sure I'll be able to find some decent deals around though, thanks the help guys.
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