Aqualusa thermostatic shower

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Found 16th Feb 2009
Hi was wondering if anyone has one of these or knows what is up with mine. A few times lately it runs lukewarm I have increased the temperature and even gone past the temperature over ride button but no increase in temp. Is it my thermostat that has gone or is there something I can do? Thanx in advance for any help x



Yeh, it sounds like the thermostat needs replacing (or you just dont have enough hot water in the tank!)

Depending on the model, they are an all in one unit that's easily replaced and costs about £110. (No plumber reqd.)

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Thanx I'll monitor it as it happened before a few months back but then seemed to reset itself. How will I be able to tell which model it is please as it's all in built into the wall I know the center of the water dial can be removed but other than that I'm stumped thanx for your help greatly appreciated


I'd say the best way might be to take a photo and email to their support.

Sometimes it's because of the temperature of the cold water feed to the unit. I know that I have to turn the flow rate on mine down in the winter for that reason.
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