Arc car wash! - classic line - they dont guarantee getting it clean!

    Went through the car wash earlier - bought the mid price one. Checked before I paid that it would actually get it clean and told them I'd be back round if it didnt and was told it should be ok. So I go through and check it the other side. Bonnet still covered it suicidal flies so I'm back to the front and he tells me it wont come off! After a bit of persuasion he says he'll squirt it with the jet washer. He half-heartedly gives it a brush and a squirt and then says that's the best it will get! funny how a couple of them rubbed off with my finger. Then he says they dont guarantee that it will get it clean! Hang on now - correct me if I'm wrong but isnt the point of a car wash to actually wash the car?? Apparently the more I pay the longer I'll be in the washer! (possibly still wont get it clean tho I'm guessing)
    What a load of tosh!!!! YTS kid needs a bit of educating!!! ................... or am i being unreasonable???


    I think YTS was abolished many many years ago......

    a car wash washes cars! or should do anyway.
    you should have flattened the bar steward (then gone through the car wash again)

    aww I would find an alternative car wash. There's always somewhere that will do the job better.

    No your spot on,a couple by me and the nearest one has never
    cleaned it right ie (prewash) wheels half cleaned etc.On the other hand when
    cleaning there own vehicles when you drive in sometimes its like a military
    campaign.Way of the world now though some people are not bothered
    about giving the same standard service as they do when its for themselves.
    They wont be seeing me again.
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