Arcade stick for 360

    I'm looking to but an arcade/fighting stick for the 360 but I don't know what one to get. I'm looking to pay as little as possibl and I'm not overly bovered by the graphics on the contoller. For any suitable arcade sticks found, I will give rep, thanks!!

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    If u r looking 4 a cheap stick that gets the job done, then try 2 get urself a Hori EX2 arcade stick amazon had it 4 around £40 couple days ago, but they were gone in a day, this is a relative okay joystick 4 fighting games, but the buttons r not as response as they should be, (but as most ppl replace the buttons with the higly sensitive Sanwa button this is usually not a problem),

    This stick is very hard to mod in general as it requires alot of soldering, whereas other sticks like Mad Catz Fight Stick and HRAP EX are very easy 2 mod as they do not require soldering as they hav quick disconnect (but are hard 2 find in the UK and more expensive)

    But if ur lookin 2 get a joystick 4 cheap then get the Hori EX, it may be hard 2 find it 4 cheap with Amazon being out of stock so ur gonna have 2 look around.
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