Anyone here an archer? Need some help with accesories. I'm new to the sport and any help would be much appreciated. TIA


    I trained to be an archery instructor last year, but not used it since, so not sure how much help this will be.

    If you are joining a club i would think you would only need the basics(bow, arrows, tab and spare strings).When buying a bow make sure it is a suitable weight and size to your body size.Arrows should be just longer than your forearm.You may also wish to get a tab for grip.

    If you want you can buy a target for practice at home or get paper targets and attach to suitable surfaces.With more experience you may even be taught to make your own arrows and bowstring.

    join a local archery club is what i recommend and don't buy any equipment before you do the archery basics safety course at your local club, all bows and arrows bracers etc will be provided FOC while you do the course and you will be allowed to see what type of bow and equipment thats ok for you, the english longbow is my choice(bent stick),,,i have put a link below for you,,,…547

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Just a quick question on quivers: I bought a cartel 3 tube lite but have no idea how to put it on. It did not come with any webbing and I was looking at getting some but it just looks like a belt to me. Is there any info on how to strap it up/put it on? Or better yet do you have pictures of what it looks like when it is on. Thanks for the advice so far.

    Bow + arrows? :whistling:

    do you know if youre left handed or right handed ? (the hand you use to pull the bowstring)…141

    OP, most important accessories are 1 human, an old oak tree and a red apple :thumbsup:


    Not worth buying a bow yet as you will get a stronger pull over the next few moths of just use the clubs equipment until you have developed you pull strength.
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